A busy few months ahead for Glencar House

As the finishing line gets nearer and nearer, activity on our site is reaching peak levels in preparation for a summer handover.

At present, the main activity you’ll notice involves the glazing of the building envelope which is being carried out by our specialist contractor, Gunn Lennon Fabrications. All the glazing, including the decorative aluminium fins, are currently being installed around the perimeter and the finished external façade is really starting to take shape.

Within the building, our M&E contractors are advancing up the floors and the mechanical and electrical fitout is progressing well throughout. Lifts have commenced, together with Floor Tiling & Partitions.

And if you’ve passed the site recently, you’ll notice that we’ve now dismantled our Tower Crane, which lets you get a much better view of our very striking building.

We’ll soon be completing internal fitout works and starting on external works – including hard and soft landscaping, lighting, furniture and signage.

We are also currently liaising with the ESB, Irish Water, Gas Networks Ireland and DCC and will be commencing utility connections which we will update you on closer to the time.

It’s been a long road to get where we are today, with countless days lost as a result of Covid lockdowns. Thankfully, those days are now behind us and we are in full sprint mode as we look to have Glencar House ready for occupation this coming summer.

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